Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pushpins and Pencils

In all honesty, I spent the first three weeks of freedom from retail catching up on the first six season of How I Met Your Mother.  Netflix is a blessing and a curse.  Today I was much more productive(not that it would be hard to be more productive than growing to love the HIMYM gang).  I updated my mantle and started an installation on the wall over my ugly sofa.

The elephant photo was taken by my friend Katie on safari and it's in a spray painted frame from Goodwill. 

I'm not in love with the giraffe drawing yet, but I am pretty pleased with the chevron mat around it. It's just pencil on mat board. 

                                                  Photo: Christine of CityPix via Curbly

I saw this post for inexpensive wall art over at Curbly last summer and I've been wanting to try it ever since.  I'm not quite finished with it yet, but I ran out of cupcake liners and was too excited not to take of picture of my progress.

That delightfully hideous floral sofa is next week's big project.  I'm going to paint it! We'll see how that turns out.

The Purple Party, A Beginning

I'm a procrastinator.  No matter how much I may be interested in doing something it's usually going to take a swift kick in the pants to get me to actually accomplish anything.  I used to write a blog about fashion and and DIY beauty and things I wanted to buy, but it fell by the wayside when work picked up.  Now that my only responsibilities are getting my teenage niece to and from school and cooking dinner, I really wanted to get back into my internet life.  I kept putting it off until I was invited to my friend Janie's house for a party.  I had never been to her house before and it was like walking into a home decor blog.  I was so inspired that I hit Goodwill almost immediately after getting back home. Now I plan to share the things I create for my living space(sometimes referred to as my mom's basement) and the food I prepare for my family.