Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Purple Party, A Beginning

I'm a procrastinator.  No matter how much I may be interested in doing something it's usually going to take a swift kick in the pants to get me to actually accomplish anything.  I used to write a blog about fashion and and DIY beauty and things I wanted to buy, but it fell by the wayside when work picked up.  Now that my only responsibilities are getting my teenage niece to and from school and cooking dinner, I really wanted to get back into my internet life.  I kept putting it off until I was invited to my friend Janie's house for a party.  I had never been to her house before and it was like walking into a home decor blog.  I was so inspired that I hit Goodwill almost immediately after getting back home. Now I plan to share the things I create for my living space(sometimes referred to as my mom's basement) and the food I prepare for my family.

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